Before, essential oils are just basics for spas or hippie ghettos, today it is different, it is now considered as a serious business. These extracted and concentrated fluids have now become selling tools for cleaning and beauty products. According to study, the scent can also be a relaxing cure. Aromatherapy is best and legal you just need to look for the proper essential oils that suit you. This is where could help you.

The Process of Aromatherapy

Study shows that using essential oils can help the hypothalamus to get active. This part of the brain controls the drive, energy and hormones. Essential oils can make trigger different actions in the brain, causing the nervous system to either relax or be active. It is best to try different essential oils each time to know what effect it has on you. These oils can produce VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds which is similar to pesticides, harmful gases and paints, taking precautions is necessary. This means that moderate exposure is good, and exposing oneself to these oils for a long time can be dangerous.

Proper Way of Using Essential Oils

The recommended exposure to essential oils is just between 15-60 minutes. Don’t get exposed to it for more than an hour. There are instructions written on each of the bottle, so make sure you stay with it. If someone is has a health condition or taking medications, it is best to consult your doctor first before starting aromatherapy.

It is best that you have a diffuser for these oils, but if you don’t have any since you are just starting it is fine. Just put a drop or two into a bowl of hot water. Then inhale the steam 10x, just make sure that you are standing just a feet away when you breathe it. If you do as the instructions say, following the right amount of exposure then you are good to practice aromatherapy regularly. Go to for 100% pure essential oils.