Is it possible to cure tooth decay with a good toothpowder?

Tooth decay is one of the major problem that most of the people facing these days. If someone gets toothache, all works will be spoiled as the pain will be severe. But we don’t know that these tooth decay problem can be sorted from home. To cure tooth decay from home, the one who is wanting it needs to change few thinks in their lifestyle and the way of living.

First of all, they should cut out all refined carbohydrates and make themselves free of sugar which increase the glucose levels in the blood so they should follow a strict diet plan. If the glucose level in the blood is high then they will eventually get problems in their bones and teeth. So, for having a better health especially dental health, balancing sugar levels in our life plays a major role.

Why toothpowder?

Most of the toothpaste contains chemical which will increase the glucose level in the blood. We might get a question like, we are going to spit out the paste after brushing so how it is going to impact in the sugar level increase in the blood. The answer will be the taste buds keeps absorbing few stuffs while it is in the mouth. So if the dirt toothpaste has good levels of sugar then you will definitely end up having tooth decay sooner.

Choosing tooth powder is the best solution and replacement for tooth paste. One such tooth powder is the dirt toothpaste. Most of the tooth powder helps to maintain pH as neutral as they are not acidic and alkaline in nature which supports tooth health. They powder’s components are taken in such a way that most of them are rich in calcium and phosphorous which is the building blocks of the teeth and so it will cure tooth decay.