The inscribed conditions below will regulate the concerned users of the 21MONTHS, alsothe products and thecontent available on the website.The owner of the website is 21MONTHS The site is unconditional exploration of the users, specific changes to rules and regulations can be made without any information before hand and also no notification in regard to any agreement made by the 21MONTHS

Kindly! Go through the following agreement before you click to the website and access the information on the website. Once, you proceed you are legally bound by the terms and conditions of the website. The information on the website are like a offer to the viewers and their acceptance is limited to pre decided terms. Individuals more than the age of 13years can only access the website.

In regard to the account and blog on our website, the onus of security rests on the user. The activities undertaken in relation to the blog all relates to the user and user is responsible for all the related acts on account or the blog. It is restrictive to assign any unlawful keywords or using any deceptive or unlawful manner. Also, using good will of others is highly prohibited, that is using name of others is restrictive and if any such malpractice is found, 21MONTHShas all the authority to take the action. If any unauthorized activity is noticed on you blog or with your account’s security immediately contact the 21MONTHSIn case of omission of such act there is no liability of 21MONTHS Contributor’s Liability:

Any content be it audio content, graphics or written content, the liability of entire content lies of the blog owner. If the owner is making comment or allowing the third party to make any comment of post something on the blog then you are entirely responsible for the content. If the content on website is allowed by you then you impliedly submit to following:

  • or otherwise.

It is hereby informed that by uploading content you upload on your website, you give 21MONTHSall right to reproduce, modify and use the content for the sole purpose of promoting your blog. The references of the removed content can’t be regulated immediately and it will take effect after some time.

If content is found inappropriate or violates the policy is the 21MONTHShas all the rights to refuse to remove the content, though it is not obligatory. Also, the 21MONTHShas all authority to deny the access to any individual to use the website but refund shall be made by the 21MONTHS

The payment system on 21MONTHSis pre – paid. Once you admit to choose any product or services you will have to make onetime payment (can be monthly or annually), and additional charges may vary.

Until and unless any communication made in regard to cancel the subscription, the renewal will be made automatically.  21MONTHSholds the authority to collect the applicable fee including the taxes. If you want to cancel the upgrade, make an application in writing to GIFT-BASKETS-4U.COM

  • Fees; Payment:

The payment of fee will be applicable to you once you sign up on the21MONTHS account. The application of fee starts with acceptance of services. In, case you want to cancel any of services you can do the same with the thirty day prior notice.

Note: The fee is subject to change with the prior thirty days of notice in written and all rights rests with the21MONTHS

  • Support via emails: if you are amongst our “priority email support” customers then you are eligible to request for the technical assistance at any point of day and you will be responded in a day’s time. Support will be provided as per the set policy and standards by the 21MONTHS

The responsibility of the content posted on any of the website doesn’t lie on the 21MONTHSAll the contents can’t be reviewed and that is why the whole responsibility lies on the visitors if any malware or virus is detected. There can be obscene or harmful content posted on the website or content which infringes the personal rights of individuals in such case no liability rests on the 21MONTHS

It is not possible to review all the content on the websites linked with the 21MONTHSor to which 21MONTHSis linked. Merely linking to our website doesn’t correspond any legal action or liability to us. The security of any damaging or destructive content rests on you.

The copyright of others are equally respected by 21MONTHSIn case on any of linked webpage or website copyright content is found, it is requested to notify to us. Your notice will be seriously undertaken and the content will either be removed or the links will be disabled. And, in case of any such copyright infringement company is not liable to pay back the amount or refund shall not be made.

All trademarks, graphics , service marks are the intellectual property of the 21MONTHSand its licensors and being part of 21MONTHSdoesn’t give you right to reproduce or use the logos in any form.

Until and unless you have ad free account, 21MONTHSreserves right to publish any advertisement.

The right to publish attribution rests with the 21MONTHS

You are bound by the terms and conditions of our partners when you activate the partnerproduct,you can any time free yourself by de – activating the services.

If you are registering new domain or registering already existing domain or transferred domain, you need to acknowledge the same and everything will be regulated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”),

21MONTHShas all the rights reserved to make changes or to alter the agreement. The onus lies on the users to go through the agreement every now and then to keep them updated. Clicking to website or posting content on the website means you are aware about the changes and you have accepted the changes. New feature and tools can be made available in near future which are subject to the terms and conditions of the 21MONTHS

In case you do not follow the terms and conditions of the agreement the 21MONTHShas all the rights to terminate your access to the website immediately. And, if you wish to terminate simply you can stop using the website or in case if you are registered user you can give 30 days prior notice.

In regard to the subject matter of agreement, no related party to the 21MONTHSwill be in any form be liable for any contract, negligence or strict liability. The 21MONTHSwill not be liable for :

With the acceptance of all terms and conditions of agreement you also indemnify the 21MONTHSand all its contractors and employees, agents and officers.

The said Agreement regulates between 21MONTHSand you in regard to subject matter hereof. The agreement or amendments to agreements are subject to any change only with the authorized signatures and else the 21MONTHSwill post the same. The laws of land will be applicable. In case of Mediation and arbitration the same will be done with the mutual consent.


21MONTHSis functioned under the name 21MONTHSWe will respect the privacy of your information.

Not only personal but the other data’s too are collected by the 21MONTHSfor type of visitors to its websites. They collect data’s like linguistic preference, browser put to use etc. the main focus after collecting the information is to just have reference of the visitors. On periodical basis the information can be released of non personal data for statistics purpose.

Depending on the interface with the different visitors who choose to share the information or contact in unusual ways the 21MONTHShas to procure information in necessity. Likewise when you sign up to the website you have to enter the email address and the username. Sometimes, additional information is being asked for because of various economical and other reasons. Not all information are disclosed, information which are probably personal or personal will be disclosed as stated below:

No disclosure of personal information other than the information mentioned below. However the 21MONTHShas all the rights reserved to publish the statistic of the visitors on the complete discretion.

Not every information on our website is disclosed but few necessary information is disclosed to its reliable employees, and related organizations for the purpose to process the information and on the term that it shouldn’t be further passed.

Once you use the 21MONTHS, you give your implied consent to the contractors and related organizations situated outside your home territory and all your information which can possibly be personal identifying or which are personal identifying. The information are not rented out or sold out to the other except the employees. Other than that the information would be disclosed only to the order of the court or notice by the government or under the apprehension of good faith the 21MONTHSpotentially can transfer the information. No unnecessary emails would be sent to the registered users other than those occasional feedback or update mails.

Cookie is the source of information which is saved on the visitor’s device. The cookies are useful to trace the visitors on the websites. If you do not wish to have cookies on your device you can limit the same by controlled settings but in that case you would not be able to access few features of the website.

In case of any unavoidable financial crunch situation the21MONTHScan transfer its share and other assets to another name and in that case all the personal information provided by you will be acquired by the other party and you impliedly consent to the same by registering to the 21MONTHSAdvertisements:

Advertisements on the websites can be either by the 21MONTHSor the advertising partners but the privacy policy strictly prohibits the use of cookies by the advertisers and the permission of the same is only with the 21MONTHS

21MONTHShas all the right reserved with it to make the changes in the privacy policy. If you are registered with us you will receive the alert mails and the visitors are requested to keep themselves updated. Also, the changes are subject to discretion of 21MONTHS